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Fermentation and Serving Tanks

Black Forest Container Systems line of stainless steel tanks for the Craft Brewery Industry offers the best in features combined with superior cost saving and value.

After extensive research and consultation with leading US and European brewmasters , Black Forest has designed what has quickly become the industry standard for a cylindrical pressurized tank for fermentation, serving and storage.

Our vessels, manufactured in Germany are made of the highest quality stainless steel (AISI 304) while using state of the art laser welding equipment to assure sanitary welds throughout the vessel. Each 2Bar rated tank is equipped standard with sanitary Triclamp ferrules on the lower sidewall for multiple combinations racking arm, carb stone, sampling, thermowell and or level sensing.

The jacketed versions are available with a domed bottom and a 45° conical bottom. The 45° conical bottom vessels are used in the brewing industry both for fermentation and yeast propagation.

The 3” Triclamp ferrule in the top lid can be used with your sprayball CIP cleaning system. You choose how you want to configure the tanks specific to your process without additional cost for “hang on gear” you do not need. Flexibility with quality and value.

Wine Fermentation Tanks

Fermentation Tanks

Wine Fermentation Tanks

Detail Top

Wine Fermentation Tanks

Detail Bottom


  • Laser welded Jackets or non jacketed
  • 304 ss
  • Stackable
  • Carb stone
  • CIP port
  • Racking port
  • 2 bar working pressure
  • Sample port
  • Level sensor
350 Gallon

Fermentation and Serving Tank 

Fermentation and Serving Tank Specifications


  • 450L/118 Gal/3.80 bbl
  • 650L/171 Gal/5.51 bbl
  • 900L/238 Gal/7.67 bbl
  • 1000L/264 Gal/8.33 bbl*
  • 1300L/343 Gal/11.06 bbl


  • 1000mm/39.37”
  • 1000mm/39.37”
  • 1000mm/39.37”
  • 1000mm/39.37”
  • 1140mm/44.88”


  • 1350mm/53.14”
  • 1550mm/61.00”
  • 1700mm/66.92”
  • 1880mm/74.00”
  • 1850mm/72.78”

*8.33bbl units stock in Greenville, SC - 3-5 day shipment

Jacket Specifications

  • The heating and cooling jackets on our fermenters are ideal for temperature controlled fermentation.
  • Jacket: Max operating pressure 6 Bar
  • Min/Max operating temperature -20°C/+120°C
  • These vessels are mobile with a forklift or hand pallet truck and can be stacked 2 high full or three high empty providing significant space savings.
  • Jacketed and non jacketed sizes range from 450L to 2100L


Full Wrap Insulation Blanket for our jacketed fermentation tanks.

  • Complete jacket coverage to maintain temperature
  • Elastic strap wrap for easy installation
  • Lightweight compact design
Blanketed Containers

Blanketed Containers

Advantages of our Stainless Steel Equipment

  • Durability - long life
  • Flavor - stainless steel protects your product’s integrity
  • Space Saving - ergonomic and portable to maximize space
  • Environmentally Friendly - 100% recyclable
  • Lease for the Season - Short Term Available

Additional Products

Black Forest also offers these other product lines: Aseptic Totes, AgChem Containers, Tanks and Drums, Pharmaceutical/ Hygienic/ Biotech, Cannabis Processing Equipment, E-Intermediate Bulk Containers, UN/DOT Approved Containers, General Purpose/ Pressure Vessels, Teflon Lined Process Equipment, Wine and Beer Equipment, Wine Bags, Cellar and Sankey Kegs, 350 gallon T-304 stainless steel IBC containers.

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