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The bottom line, it is less expensive to lease a stainless steel container from Black Forest than buying an equivalent number of plastic drums or plastic IBC’s once.

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We understand your business and we offer comprehensive capabilities in all aspects of your storage and transportation needs. We are experts in regulations and quality assurance, too. When you need effective, efficient, and affordable solutions, we are the team you can count on.

Industry Knowledge

Black Forest’s in-depth experience, reputation and knowledge of stainless steel container designs and processes allow us to provide our customers a variety of vessel options to meet todays critical and specific handling and processing requirements.

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We combine industry specific expertise along with world-class engineering to offer the best out-of-the-box solutions as well as custom-built containers. Our approach gives our customers the right storage for the most affordable cost. We also think outside the box with rental and leasing options.

We got aligned with Black Forest by chance and we are very grateful it happened. Black Forest had just a few days to win our business and they hit it out of the park.
Co Founder/Distiller
Northeast Distillery