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To make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs. If you break your eggs by the gallons, we have a storage solution for you. Black Forest is the North American Agent for Aran Packaging, offering a wide variety of bags and liners for BIB applications.


Sizes of the bags range from 2 liter to 1800 liter. So if you package fruits, dairy products, sauces, wine or just about anything else, we have an efficient, effective and affordable solution for you. State-of-the-art bag making machines and in-house laminators are the best of their type for these applications and enable us to provide you optimum quality bag-in-box solutions.

Aseptic Package for Fruits and Vegetables

Packaging solutions adapted to the storage and transport of liquid food products - juices, concentrates and pulps.

Aseptic Packaging for Liquid Eggs

An innovative solution to the growing demand for liquid eggs in the industrial market.

Aseptic Small Bags

Five to 25 liter bag in box systems. The outer container can be a carton box or a dispenser.

Bag in Box for Liquid Packaging

Fives designated solutions adapted to the packaging of various types of liquid products.

Dairy Products

Five to 25 liter bag in box systems. The outer container can be a carton box, plastic container or a dispenser.

Edible Oils

Ideal for this application and the bags can be produced in a variety of sizes.


Offering a wide range of fitments for the bag in box applications according to products and filling requirements.

Packages for Liquid Transport IBC Method

Providing an attractive economical solution for the transportation of large quantities of liquids while fully protecting the packaged product.

Packaging of Sauces

Ideal for the packing ketchup, mayonnaise etc for the food service market in a variety of sizes.

Wine Bags

Designed for table wines, home wines, and premium wines for the home and institutional market.

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Let our experts analyze the details of your products and processes, so we can offer you the most effective and affordable solutions. The more details we have, the better chance we have to give you the best possible price.

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Knowing Your Business is Our Business

If it flows, we know the best way to store or transport your products — liquids, powders and slurries. We are committed to our customers needs in supplying them with a product that fits their process.

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Maintenance Made Easy

Quality matters and we are your one-stop-shop for all replacement parts. You can count on us for the right parts to extend the life of your investment.

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Handling Solutions

Meeting current UN/DOT Regulations

We have saved our customers thousands of dollars in fines as well as potential lawsuits by providing audits of existing HAZMAT packaging violations.

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Industries We Serve

Black Forest serves a wide variety of industries that process, transport or store flowable liquids, powders or slurries. We make it our business to understand the unique needs of these industries and we have solutions designed for their special needs.