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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the benefit of using fixed capacity tank vs. a variable capacity tank?
While the variable capacity tank allows different lot sizes, these tanks equipped with the inflatable bladder are hard to seal which can allow oxygen into the wine. The fixed capacity tank is to be used for full batches or with an inert gas system  which prevents the oxygen infiltrating.
Q: Can I ferment and store in the same tank?
Yes, however you will need to allow for head space or additional gallonage depending on the type of wine you are fermenting.
Q: What is the difference between a stainless steel beer keg and wine keg?
Structurally there is no difference.   The inert gas for dispensing for beer is CO2 while wineries use Argon or Nitrogen.
Q: What is the pressure rating on the fermentation tanks you offer?
Our Wine tanks are rated for 2bar or 30PSI.
Q: What is a closed loop system when using Black Forest shipping containers?

A closed loop system is achieved by filling and dispensing product into and from a shipping container which is packaged under an inert atmosphere without exposing the product to outside air.

This results in maintaining product integrity and quality, as well as limiting or eliminating product exposure to product handlers. Using a shipping container with the attributes of a close loop system may allow the shipping container to be used as a process vessel, too.

Q: Are Black Forest containers UN/DOT approved?
Black Forest containers designed for use with hazardous materials are UN/DOT approved.  We also have the ability to design and supply a UN/DOT container to meet your specific hazmat application.
Q: Are Black Forest containers ASME certified?
Black Forest containers designed for use with working pressures higher than 1 bar (14.503 psig) may be ASME certified and marked with a National Board U-stamp. We offer a variety of ASME container designs for use with hazardous and non-hazardous materials.
Q: Can Black Forest containers be Teflon™ lined?

We offer cylindrical stainless steel containers internally lined with modified ETFE. Our standard sizes are 200L, 400L, and 1000L liquid volumes, and with UN-DOT approvals.

Q: How can I clean or re-dedicate a stainless steel container?

Black Forest containers are easily cleaned because of their seamless weld construction and smooth interior surfaces. Containers may be configured with optional spray balls and access ports for use with cleaning liquids.

Containers may be re-dedicated for using different products through our re-passivation and re-electropolishing program – ask us how we can make your stainless steel containers ‘new’.

Q: What is your typical lead-time for containers?
Our standard products and parts can be dispatched within 3-5 days ARO.  Custom parts may require additional delivery times. Customs containers may also require longer lead-times depending on the finalization of specifications.  Clients that place blanket order generally receive even customs products within 5-7 days of call off.
Q: Can I purchase the IBC at end of my lease term?
Yes, we believe in offering our clients flexible solutions to best fit their situation.  You can purchase your totes at the end of your term or you can return them and simply walk away.
Q: What is Aseptic and why do I need it?
Aseptic processing is the process by which a sterile (aseptic) product (typically food or pharmaceutical) is packaged in a sterile container in a way that maintains sterility. For many of our clients the process maintains product integrity and flavor.
Q: Why do I need OEM parts when repairing a tote?
It is imperative to only utilize OEM parts when repairing aseptic totes and UN approved/or ASME stamped containers.  Tolerances and materials must be regulated and confirmed in order to maintain proper container integrity.  The use of non-matching substitute parts may lead to further damage of the container and potential product integrity.
Q: What Warranty is offered on your products?
Download here for our complete terms, conditions and warranty.
Q: Does Black Forest offer different types of gaskets?
We offer gaskets that are recommended and required for certain  product and industry applications,  taking into account material compatibility, temperature, size and tolerances.  If specialty materials are required we can normally source and meet these requests.
Q: How many stainless containers fit on a truck?
The number of totes that can fit onto a truck will vary based on the size of the containers being shipped, typically we fit 32 each empty BFM aseptic totes onto a 53’ trailer.
Q: Is it better to Lease or purchase a Stainless Container?
We offer several flexible leasing and rental programs to meet you particular requirements.  We can offer assistance in evaluating lease versus purchase options and help you make the decision that best suits your long terms and short term goals and needs.
Q: Can you stack a Stainless Steel IBC?

Most of our IBCs are stackable. They recommendation is stacking no more than 2 high when full or 3 high when empty.

Our stainless steel tote designs allow us to offer a wide variety of vessel options.

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Black Forest’s in-depth experience, reputation and knowledge of stainless steel container designs and processes allow us to provide our customers a variety of vessel options to meet todays critical and specific handling and processing requirements.

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BFCS has been instrumental in assisting with the design and producing for our use drums, IBCs, and portable tanks. for transporting liquid dangerous goods from our manufacturing facility to our customers. I highly recommend BFCS.
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