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About Us

We Are Pioneers in the Art and Science of Containers

Founded in 2000, Black Forest Container has used the combination of world-class technologies and engineering along with a commitment to excellence in customer service to grow into the industry leader.

What Makes Black Forest Different?

Black Forest is a North American leader in distributing closed loop, custom equipment and multitrip stainless steel packaging systems. We are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of companies requiring liquid material transport, processing and storage. And, we have a deep understanding of the product lines used in the industries we serve:

  • Cosmetics
  • Foods
  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Industrial Chemicals

Because of this understanding, we offer comprehensive capabilities in all aspects of your container storage and transportation needs. Not sure which product is right for your individual needs? We are happy to consult on the right standard or custom systems.

Our Team

A team with decades of experience in the stainless steel container industry committed to the growth of our company, employees, the industry and clients.

Jeff Balck


Tom Leftwich


Laura Schneider

Business Development

Mark Boyd

Warehouse Supervisor

Our Commitments

Environment - Modern stainless steel technology and protection of the environment go hand in hand. Stainless steel combines a wide spectrum or outstanding technical properties in addition to protecting precious natural resources and being completely recyclable.

Quality - Black Forest's extensive experience in working with stainless steel provides them with unmatched technical knowledge, quality in welding, formation, and deep drawn product lines. Stainless steel is unmatched and unequaled in protecting your valuable liquid chemical assets.

Value - Black Forest's fully recyclable containers offer a lifetime of use, and a substantial future value. Unlike plastic vessels which have a short life expectancy, cannot safely hold pressure, and are costly to dispose of, stainless steel containers can be used for 20 years or more and can easily be rededicated for new products, or scraped as a raw material asset.

Stainless Steel Packaging Systems

Black Forest is a North American leader in distributing closed loop, custom equipment, multi-trip stainless steel packaging systems. We are devoted to meeting the unique needs of companies in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries for liquid material transport, processing and storage. Capabilities include full-service design, development, production and service, for customers requiring standard or custom systems. Leasing programs, custom package design and technical consulting is also available.

Primary Product Lines

  • Closed Loop Containers and Systems
  • Portable Pressure Vessels
  • Immediate Bulk Containers
  • Custom Containers - meet CE, ASME and TuV certifications

Premium Stainless Steel Container Systems

Manufactured of premium stainless steel, Black Forest containers are safe, durable, reusable and economical and backed by superior customer service. Safety specifications for hazardous materials require an inert atmosphere that can be achieved by nitrogen blanketing. Black Forest products allow the benefits of nitrogen blanketing for inert atmospheres to reduce the risk of fire when transporting flammable liquids (Class 3 products), provide a moisture-free environment (i.e. - anahydrous products), and eliminate airborne bacterial contaminants and chemical preservatives.

We Specialize in Custom and Standard Stainless Steel Containers

  • IBC’s
  • Mini-bulk tanks
  • ASME Pressure vessels
  • Process tanks
  • Wine Making Equipment
  • Laboratory bottles & flasks
  • Specialty drums

Additional services include:

  • Container Rental/Leasing
  • Component Replacement Parts
  • Refurbishment

Our products are designed for the process, transport and storage of flowable liquids, powders and slurries. Product offerings: containers, drums, IBC’s, tanks and pressure vessels from .01L to 2000L, including UN Portable tanks which meet or exceed established guidelines for the transport of hazardous materials under CFR49.

Container Lease Savings

Our container leasing programs underscore Black Forest's commitment to the environment, to quality and to value. The number of high value, niche chemical products on the market is steadily increasing. Our clients shipping these valuable products find it easy to place their trust in our high quality containers. In turn, our lease programs help product managers establish a low risk, low packaging cost without compromising quality.

How Leasing Can Save You Money

  • No capital required
  • Stable, secure packaging costs
  • Lower cost per gallon
  • Eliminates container obsolescence
  • Fixed or open rental term
  • UN/DOT, RID-ADR, IMDG Certified, NFPA, CE, TuV
  • No disposal costs
  • Customers can effectively cost manage seasonal volume changes or manufacturing volume changes to balance business demand cycles.
  • Containers may be pressurized to protect sensitive products.

Our rental fleet consists of high quality intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s), totes, portable tanks, mini-bulks and small volume chemical and general purpose containers for the agriculture, chemical, cosmetic, food, industrial and pharmaceutical industries. Our stainless steel IBCs are preferred for high-purity applications and are used primarliy for food processing, pharmaceuticals, and high-purity solvents. Our IBCs are well suited for customers shipping high-value products and provide extra security for users with hazardous-materials concerns.


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UN/DOT Approved Containers
Portable pressure containers manufactured to ASME and UN specifications.

Why Black Forest?

We understand your business and we offer comprehensive capabilities in all aspects of your storage and transportation needs. We are experts in regulations and quality assurance, too. When you need effective, efficient, and affordable solutions, we are the team you can count on.

Industry Knowledge

Black Forest’s in-depth experience, reputation and knowledge of stainless steel container designs and processes allow us to provide our customers a variety of vessel options to meet todays critical and specific handling and processing requirements.

Black Forest Resources

We combine industry specific expertise along with world-class engineering to offer the best out-of-the-box solutions as well as custom-built containers. Our approach gives our customers the right storage for the most affordable cost. We also think outside the box with rental and leasing options.

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Our Location

Black Forest Container Systems
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From their customer service, speed to deliver, to the ability to meet specific product demands, Black Forest is a great partner to work with.
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