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Cellar and Sankey Kegs

Black Forest stainless steel kegs are the perfect solution to your wine storage and dispense needs.

Using Black Forest kegs, your "Wine by the Glass" Program will assure freshness from the first glass to the last - via Nitrogen Blanketing for wine dispense and storage.

Our high quality, low cost stainless steel kegs are offered as follows:

Standard Cellar and Sankey Keg Sizes

  • 20 liter/5.28 gallon
  • 60 liter/15.85 gallon
wine kegs

Cellar and Sankey Kegs

Valves Offered

  • D tapping systems (Sankey valve commonly used in the beer industry)
  • Upon special request the A tapping system more commonly used in Europe

Cellar Storage Tanks and Kegs

Black Forest Stainless Steel Cellar Storage Tanks are the perfect fit for small lot storage. The Cellar Storage Tank comes equipped with a 2” Triclamp ferrule in the top dome.

Black Forest Wine Kegs are 100% recyclable and will eliminate the expense of bottles, corks and labels.

Additional Products

Black Forest also offers these other product lines: Aseptic Totes, AgChem Containers, Tanks and Drums, Pharmaceutical/ Hygienic/ Biotech, Cannabis Processing Equipment, E-Intermediate Bulk Containers, UN/DOT Approved Containers, General Purpose/ Pressure Vessels, Teflon Lined Process Equipment, Wine and Beer Equipment, Wine Bags, Process and Fermentation Tanks, 350 gallon T-304 stainless steel IBC containers.

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