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A critical advantage of our storage solutions are their durability, which translates directly to your bottom line. Our team is ready to review, inspect, repair and refurbish your containers.


Black Forest, a leading supplier of stainless steel returnable packaging, is ready to tackle your damaged stainless steel containers and totes. Our experts at our one of a kind facility in Greenville, SC are ready to review, inspect, repair and refurbish your containers. Refurbishing can be as easy as valve and gasket replacement or as trying as a complete sidewall rework.

Refurbishment Benefits

  • Reduces non-usable container inventory
  • Improves container asset utilization
  • Container preventative maintenance program development
  • Passivating and electropolishing surface treatments available

Having our customer’s best interests at heart, we will supply you with a fair price and quick turnaround. We look forward to working with you on supplying a “like” brand new container for many years of use.

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Let our experts analyze the details of your products and processes, so we can offer you the most effective and affordable solutions. The more details we have, the better chance we have to give you the best possible price.

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Maintenance Made Easy

Quality matters and we are your one-stop-shop for all replacement parts. You can count on us for the right parts to extend the life of your investment.

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