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Stainless Steel Wine Tank for Black Forest Container Systems, LLC


Contact Name: Laura E. Schneider
Business Name: Black Forest Container Systems, LLC
Phone Number: 864-386-7414
Fax Number: 864-282-2303

Stainless Steel Wine Tank for Black Forest Container Systems, LLC

Greenville, SC, April 2015: Black Forest Container Systems, LLC, is now offering: Stainless Steel Wine Tanks. These tanks have been designed for the shipment, storage and fermentation of wine. “This square wine tank is a welcome addition to our Wine Equipment line, this will be offered to our customers for purchase as well as lease.” said Jeff Balck and Tom Leftwich Co-Owners of Black Forest Container Systems.

Enhancements include:

  • Variety of sizes: 180 gallon to 790 gallon
  • Space Saving: Stackable 3 high
  • Sanitary: Electrochemically clean/ Food Grade interior weld finish
  • Approvals: Built to UN/DOT 31 specification
  • Add-on Equipment: Dimple jacket, sample tap, racking port and Thermowell fitting

Laura Schneider – Business Development Manager at BFCS explained, “Our new and existing customers will have a choice between Cylindrical and Square, as to how they would like to ferment, store or ship their product. Being able to offer a variety of “packages” to our customers is key in customer satisfaction.“

Black Forest Container Systems, LLC located in Greenville, SC, founded in 2000, is the leading distributor in North America of closed loop custom equipment and multi-trip stainless steel packaging systems. Their product offerings include: stainless steel containers, intermediate bulk containers, mini-bulks, totes, ASME pressure vessels, process tanks, storage tanks, flasks, bottles, bag in box, fermenters, wine equipment and process drums. In addition, Black Forest Resources, LLC the sister company of BFCS, offers a container leasing program. The rental fleet consists of high quality intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s), totes, portable tanks, mini-bulks and small volume chemical and general purpose containers for the agriculture, chemical, cosmetic, food, wine, industrial and pharmaceutical industries.

To learn more about Black Forest Container Systems, LLC call 864-386-7414 or visit