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IBCZ-N2 1000L Intermediate Bulk Container


Contact Name: Laura E. Schneider
Business Name: Black Forest Container Systems, LLC
Phone Number: 864-386-7414
Fax Number: 864-282-2303

IBCZ-N2 1000L Intermediate Bulk Container from Black Forest Container Systems, LLC

Greenville, SC, January 2022: Black Forest Container Systems, LLC, is proud to announce the launch their new product offering: IBCZ-N2 1000L Cylindrical IBC for Liquids. This new IBCZ-N2 1000L container allows for transport/storage/process of UN/DOT chemicals, coatings and other hazardous materials while packaged under an inert atmosphere. The robust construction provides a long lifetime of use for a UN/DOT "returnable container”, said Tom Leftwich Co-Owner of Black Forest Container Systems, acting as a transport, storage, and process vessel, and with the capability of Nitrogen blanketing, results in maintaining high product integrity when it is ready for dispensing at the customer’s location.

Enhancements include:

  • Advantages: Nitrogen blanket improves product integrity by eliminating oxygen and moisture, as well as improves employee safety by reducing contents exposure to fillers/dispensers
  • Volumes: 500-1000 Liters
  • Handling: Suitable for transport by pallet jack, forklift and crane/ Stackable
  • Certifications: UN/DOT/CE Approval/ Compliant with EG1935/Aseptic Version available

This IBCZ-N2 1000L cylindrical IBC is designed for complete emptying of contents due to a deep drawn bottom, with no dead space, and a flush mounted outlet valve. The four-way accessible leg base guarantees optimal weight transfer to the frame, allowing use with a pallet jack and/or forklift. These units are 100% recyclable. The solid construction of these reusable containers allows for continuous use.

Laura Schneider - Business Development Manager at BFCS, Reassuring our customers that their shipments of hazardous chemicals are being safely and legally transported is our number one priority. Knowing that they are buying a quality product is key.

Black Forest Container Systems, LLC located in Greenville, SC, founded in 2000, is the leading distributor in North America of closed loop custom equipment and multi-trip stainless steel packaging systems. Their product offerings include stainless steel containers, intermediate bulk containers, mini-bulks, totes, ASME pressure vessels, process tanks, storage tanks, flasks, bottles, fermenters, wine equipment and process drums. In addition, Black Forest Resources, LLC the sister company of BFCS, offers a container leasing program. The rental fleet consists of high quality intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s), totes, portable tanks, mini-bulks  and small volume chemical and general purpose containers for the agriculture, chemical, cosmetic, food, industrial and pharmaceutical industries.

To learn more about Black Forest Container Systems, LLC call 864-386-7414.