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Cannabis Processing Equipment

Forecasted growth of 25% in the Cannabis Medical Marijuana Industry for 2020 is a welcome sight to the industry. In 2019 the sales for the year were a staggering $13.6 billion. 7,490 dispensaries are now open across the US totaling $7.9 billion in sales for recreational marijuana in 2019.

cannabis, CBD oil extraction

Hemp, the source for CBD in many non-psychoactive products, will expand internationally as well, driven by the CBD’s demand. Stackable dosing is offered in products such as mints, tablets and sprays and will be the focus in 2020. Offering smaller milligram doses, the consumer can layer their doses to get the effect they are looking for. These are easier to use and offer immediate effects.

More products including beverages are being developed with these fast onsets.

The Black Forest portfolio of stainless steel equipment is the ideal solution for the CBD oil extraction process. If you require an extractor or a collection vessel we have the equipment you need. Our stainless steel sanitary equipment sizes range from 1 liter to 2100 liter. Designs are cylindrical, flat bottom, cone bottom, forkliftable, mobile to handheld, Aseptic Totes, Jacketed Fermentation Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Pharmaceutical Hygienic Flasks/ Bottles and Storage Vessels.

Custom Design

Aseptic Pharma Magnetic Stirrer
1L - 50L

Custom Design

Pharmaceutical Pressure Vessels
1.3L – 220L

Custom Design

Fermentation Pressure Tanks
450L - 2100L

Custom Design

Aseptic Totes
800L - 1000L

Additional Products

Black Forest also offers these other product lines: Aseptic Totes, AgChem Containers, Tanks and Drums, Pharmaceutical/ Hygienic/ Biotech, E-Intermediate Bulk Containers, UN/DOT Approved Containers, General Purpose/ Pressure Vessels, Teflon Lined Process Equipment, Wine and Beer Equipment, Wine Bags, Cellar and Sankey Kegs, 350 gallon T-304 stainless steel IBC containers.

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