Black Forest Container Systems, LLC, a leading supplier of stainless steel returnable packaging, is ready to tackle your damaged stainless steel containers and totes.

Our experts at our one of a kind facility in Greenville, SC are ready to review, inspect, repair and refurbish your containers.

Refurbishing can be as easy as valve and gasket replacement or as trying as a complete sidewall rework.

Refurbishment benefits:

  • Reduce non-usable container inventory
  • Improve container asset utilization
  • Container preventative maintenance program development
  • Passivating & electropolishing surface treatment available

Having our customer’s best interests at heart, we will supply you with a fair price and quick turnaround. We look forward to working with you on supplying a “like” brand new container for many years of use.

Please call or e-mail us with all your repair/refurbishment requirements.