Bulk Powder Container Systems

BPK Cone Valve Container Systems


Bulk Powder BinOur Cone Valve Systems can be customized to fit your specific bulk material requirements, in order to avoid bridging, rat-holing, segregation or degradation.

BPK system benefits:

    • Completely safe
    • Hygienic
    • Modular
    • Easy to use
    • Complete emptying while controlling the flow with a fully automated process


Cone Valve SystemBPK Cone Valve Systems

Our BPK 2, 3 and 4 Cone Valve Container Systems represent different solutions which will adapt to your bulk material in the way you need, whether you have a free-flowing, bridging or fragile product, or you need to keep dust emissions controlled at any time.


BPO Butterfly Valve Systems

BPO Butterfly Valve Container Systems Discharging and dosing via butterfly valve.

Butterfly Valve SystemOur Butterfly Valve Systems represent a solution which can be both manually, semi-automatically and fully automatically operated.The split butterfly valve system has been incorporated into the UCON bulk container systems to fulfill the most demanding pharmaceutical and chemical requirements.


      • Hermetically sealed
      • Contamination-free transition between container and receiving unit no dust exposure


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