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Closure Instructions

Operating Instructions for MAV Valve

Who doesn’t want closure? And really, if your container isn’t securely sealed to prevent leakage of materials or vapors, your container system fails. At Black Forest, failure isn’t an option. Here's how we ensure closure.

Stainless Steel Intermediate Bulk Containers -IBC

Lid installation procedure - Securely tighten all openings which prevents leakage of materials and vapors.

All UN31A labeled tanks are equipped with an emergency vent in the container lid which fits on the top opening. This vent must be inspected before each shipment for quality control. If faulty, vents are replaced.

MAV Valve

The container lid and gasket must be inspected for damage and replaced if necessary.

The container lid is installed on the top opening with a clamp ring. It may be necessary to tap the clamp ring, all around, with a non-sparking mallet. The non-sparking mallet should be used to strike in a horizontal position (towards the side of the clamp ring) first starting at the twelve o’clock position, then three o'clock, then nine o’clock, then five o’clock, and then seven o’clock. Using this procedure you make the bolt pull the clamp ring uniformly all around the entire clamp ring creating a uniform clamping pressure on the gasket and lid. If the mallet is not used the clamp ring only gets tight on the side where the bolt and nut is located. After tightening the bolt to a torque of 30 footpounds the lock nut must be firmly tightened into place.

The 2” plug (Bung) and the 3” fill cap both require a gasket to seal and 30 foot pounds of torque for proper sealing.

Steel Tight Drums – All Plugs (Bungs) must have new buna gaskets installed

Rieke  – 2” Hex-Type Plugs (Bungs) 30 Foot Pounds, ¾” Hex-Type Plugs (Bungs) 15 Foot Pounds

Tri-Sure  – 2” Round-Style Plugs (Bungs) 20 Foot Pounds, ¾” Round-Style Plugs (Bungs) 12 Foot Pounds

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