Closed Loop Systems

What is a Closed Loop System?

Utilization of a closed loop system to process and transport sensitive products can greatly reduce the risk of exposing that product to harmful contaminants that can destroy product integrity. A closed loop system can also minimize and eliminate employee’s and customer’s exposure to potentially dangerous materials. In terms of stainless steel packaging, this can be achieved by utilizing an inert atmosphere such as nitrogen blanketing. Benefits from blanketing products within an inert atmosphere include:

  • Reduction of a fire risk for transporting flammable liquids (Class 3 products)
  • Providing a moisture free environment (i.e. – anahydrous products)
  • Elimination of airborne bacterial contaminants
  • Elimination of chemical preservatives
  • Prolonged shelf life

For packaging and handling equipment, a closed loop system can offer handsfree processing of sensitive products. Within the Food and Pharmaceutical industries, this provides for processing products without exposure to bacterial, viral, and other potential contaminant.