Black Forest Resources Container Leasing

Our container leasing programs underscore Black Forest Resources commitment to the environment, to quality and to value. The number of high value, niche chemical products on the market is steadily increasing. Our clients shipping these valuable products find it easy to place their trust in our high quality containers. In turn, our lease programs help product managers establish a low risk, low packaging cost without compromising quality.

Our rental fleet consists of high quality intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s), totes, portable tanks, mini-bulks  and small volume chemical and general purpose containers for the agriculture, chemical, cosmetic, food, industrial and pharmaceutical industries. Unlike standard square tote designs or composite IBC’s, Black Forest stainless steel IBCs are preferred for high-purity applications and are used largely for food processing, pharmaceuticals, and high-purity solvents. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and compatible with a wide range of chemicals.  Our IBCs are well suited for customers shipping high-value products and provide extra security for users with hazardous-materials concerns.

Advantages to leasing:

  • No capital required
  • Stable, secure packaging costs
  • Lower cost per gallon
  • Eliminates container obsolescence
  • Fixed or open rental term
  • No disposal costs
  • UN/DOT, RID-ADR, IMDG Certified, NFPA, CE, TuV
  • Customers can effectively cost manage seasonal volume changes or manufacturing volume changes to balance business demand cycles.
  • Containers may be pressurized to protect sensitive products.

On a per gallon cost basis, it can be significantly less expensive to lease or rent a metal IBC than it would be to use an equivalent number of plastic drums or plastic IBC’s once and, then dispose of them. Let us put our expertise to work for you.  No matter what your needs might be, we can custom create a lease program to match your requirements. For a complete review, call us or email us today.