Aseptic Package for Fruits & Vegetables


This family of products was developed by Aran especially for the fruit and vegetable processing industry (tomatoes, citrus fruits, etc.). These are packaging solutions adapted to the storage and transport of liquid food products – juices, concentrates and pulps – that generally require aseptic packages to maintain maximum freshness and long shelf life.

Aran offers a variety of aseptic products that combine various features of volume and oxygen resistance according to the customer requirements and preferences.

Package Benefits:

  • Made of laminate films designed specifically to package edible liquids
  • Excel in flexibility
  • Various levels of oxygen barriers
  • Highly compatible with external packaging such as drums, wooden boxes, plastFruit & Veg pageic crates

Fruits & Vegetables Main Products:

  • Bluesept 55: 55 gallon blue bag high barrier
  • Silversept 55
: 55 gallon metalized bag standard barrier
  • Clearsept 55: 55 gallon clear bag standard barrier
  • Polyplus 55: 55 gallon polyethylene bag non barrier
  • Silversept 300 HB: 300 gallon metalized bag high barrier
  • Silversept 300 SB: 300 gallon metalized bag standard barrier
  • Clearsept 300: 300 gallon clear bag  tandard barrier

The Filling Process:

  • The bags are filled by designated machines adapted to aseptic filling

Fruit & Veg page 1as part of the  comprehensive procedure of fruit and vegetable processing including receipt of the fruit, cleaning, pasteurization and cooling of the product. href=””>

  • The last phase of the process is filling the bags, which is done under sterile
    conditions to ensure product shelf life.
  • The bag is filled through the spout.
  • The sterile conditions of the filling head are maintained through the use of steam and chemical liquids and the cap is closed automatically after filling.

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