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Welcome to Black Forest Container Systems Bag in Box/ Liquid Packaging Pages.

Black Forest Container Systems in the North American Distributor for Aran Packaging, offering a wide variety of bags and liners for BIB applications.

Sizes of the bags range from 2 liter to 1800 liter for applications both Aseptic and Non Aseptic for food and non food industries.

The state of the art bag making machines and in-house laminator are the best of their type for these applications and enable us to achieve the optimum quality.

Quality is an integral part of the  manfacturing process using the most sophisticated andaranpackaging modern testing equipment to carry out all test needed for both laminate and bags.

Certifications : ISO9001:2000, ISO 22000 certified and have FDA/IOP,BRC/IOP and Kosher.

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